Life & Disability Insurance

Ward Insurance offers Term Life and/or Disability Insurance options.

Do you and your co-owners have enough life insurance to cover the Buy/Sell Agreement?
If the value of your business has increased over the last few years, it’s smart to review your life insurance policies to make sure they fund the current value of your Buy/Sell Agreement.

Do you have policies with coverage should something happen to key employees?
Many businesses enjoy success due to the role of key employees.  What would happen to your business if you lost a key employee?   The right policy can provide coverage for that loss.

Does your personal life insurance policy provide enough long-term benefit? 
Beyond the immediate financial need, does your policy also provide long-term benefit to the family and community that depends on you?

Does your life insurance policy provide enough benefit to pay outstanding loans and maintain property?
Review your policy to make sure there is enough coverage to pay off debt and fund property maintenance.

Jen Truesdale is Ward Insurance’s Life and Disability Insurance Specialist.
If you haven’t reviewed your policies in the last 2 years, contact Jen. 

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