Benefiting Employers and Employees

Ward Insurance knows that a good employee benefits plan can be the difference between keeping and attracting good employees or losing them to competitors. Ward wants your employees to brag about the benefits plan you offer to them.

Here’s how we do it:

Find the best plans and rates. Ward works with all Oregon insurance carriers as well as many industry associations who offer their own employee benefit programs insurance, including the Timber Products Manufacturers, Northwest Wood Products Trust, Associated Oregon Industries, and AssociatedGeneral Contractors.  Plans offered through associations allow small groups to get big group cost savings.

Self-Funded Plans. We have the experience to properly evaluate the risks associated with moving to a self-funded plan, which can result in significant savings. By using the appropriate level of funding and stop-loss protection in these programs, you can minimize those risks while taking advantage of the reduced taxes and expenses offered by this approach.

Easy Enrollment. Ward offers your choice of online or paper enrollment to save you time and hassle for onboarding new enrollees and during the open enrollment process. All applications and forms are readily easily available and an updated current census is accessible at the touch of a button.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance. Ward will keep you up-to-date with the most current information and documents needed to keep your program in legal compliance.

  • Do you have ERISA’s required “Wrap Document”?

  • Are all your required employee notices and postings current?

  • Do you have the latest COBRA notices?

Employee Satisfaction. Ward’s employee benefits staff is your employee benefits staff, always available to help your administrator with billing and enrollment, educate employees about your benefits program, and solve claim problems.

Additional Resources. There are many ways Ward Insurance works to help you keep your employee benefits plan efficient and affordable.   Additional services include Workplace Wellness initiatives, HR Department assistance, HSA and HRA plan support, claims analysis and more.

Our job is to help you offer an employee benefit plan that you believe is more than just a cost of doing business, but is an investment in your employees.

Affordable. Compliant. Easy.

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Employee Benefits Director of Operations



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Benefits Consultant


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Benefits Consultant


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