Straight forWARD - Volume 4

Rob Harvey


At 31 years and counting, Producer Rob Harvey holds the longest tenured CIC within the entire State of Oregon. Though he is a third-generation insurance agent at Ward, his working career began in a Garden Valley prune dryer in California. After getting his degree in General Science at Southern Oregon College and the UO, Rob’s first insurance job was as a CSR at Santa Paula Insurance in 1975. 
Outside of Ward, Rob keeps himself busy with a variety of interests. He has been a member of the Board of Directors at Kidsports for 10 years, and has coached youth football for 13 years. He pursues an active lifestyle by both working out, fishing, working on home improvement projects, or traveling both at home and abroad. In addition to (and often in combination with) these activities, Rob enjoys spending time with his wife Sue and their three adult children, and their families. 
With his longtime presence at Ward Insurance as it has grown through the years, Rob has a unique perspective not only on where Ward Insurance has come from, but also how it will continue to project its commitment to excellence into the future, as the premier retail insurance and risk management firm in the area. He looks forward to continuing to honor the trust he receives from our insureds, as well as always working tirelessly to maintain it.

New Southern Oregon Office

Ward Insurance has expanded our service team to include several of Southern Oregon's most well-known insurance professionals. Our new satellite office is located at 1575 E McAndrews Road, Suite 100, Medford, OR 97504. Medford Team

Industry Insights

Fire Extinguisher Safety

Every year, thousands of businesses are impacted by a workplace fire. According to the U.S. Fire Administration’s most recent data over 104,000 fires and nearly $2.7 billion in damage occurs in non-residential buildings every year. These fires also result in 70 deaths and over 1300 injuries. These losses are not inevitable though; an effective fire prevention and response plan can keep your property and employees safe. One of the key elements of this plan is a successful fire extinguisher program. Keep Reading


Tax Cuts and Job Acts

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was enacted on December 22, 2017.  This made several changes to the tax code that will affect individual taxpayers in 2018, including:
Adjusted tax rates and tax brackets;

  • IRS released updated tax withholding tables for 2018, and employer’s must begin using them by 2/15/2018
  • Employers do not need to obtain new Forms W-4 from employees for 2018
  • Increased the standard deduction; and
  • Repealed personal exemptions

The Act also has a substantial impact on businesses as well.  For example, it: 

  • Lowers the corporate tax rate and eliminates the Alternative Minimum Tax, in an effort to make American corporations more competitive globally
  • Creates new tax deduction for small businesses
  • Allows “expensing” of capital investments
  • Repeals the individual mandate tax penalty imposed under the ACA effective in 2019

The bill does not affect the tax treatment of employer-sponsored health plans. For detailed information on how this effects your business and employees, reach out to your tax professional.


Contractors: Wrap-Up/OCIP/CCIP Contract? - Let Ward Know!

If you consider contracts for projects that supply any insurance products such as a Wrap-Up/OCIP/CCIP  Ward Insurance needs to know. These project specific policies can affect your insurance including Workers’ Compensation, and often require action on your policies. For example: Workers’ Compensation policies should be endorsed with a Divided-risk endorsement.
Divided-risk Endorsement (Workers’ Compensation) - Contractors quoting to participate in a wrap-up quote at net; that is, they do not add in the cost of insurance since they will be charged insurance in the wrap-up program. In order that the contractor does not get charged twice, a divided-risk endorsement must be added to the work comp policy.
In order for your carrier to add this endorsement, we need some project specific information and know if it’s a DCBS-approved project. The following information is required when obtaining the endorsement:

  • Name of project
  • Copy of enrollment form
  • Copy of policy or certificate of insurance showing coverage for the contractor providing wrap-up
  • Verification on letterhead that no known claims during period (this only if notification after entering wrap-up contract).

For further information on Wrap-up/OCIP/CCIP, please follow this link.

Darcy 2.jpg

Darcy Williams-Moss

It is with mixed emotions that Ward Insurance announces the retirement of Darcy Williams-Moss. She dedicated 33 years to Ward Insurance as an Executive Assistant.

Darcy is looking forward to relaxing and having time to tackle all the projects she has been putting off until retirement.

Thank you Darcy, for your contribution to the company. We will miss you.

Employee Spotlight

Sue Noakes

Sue N 3.jpg

Sue Noakes, CIC, is a Commercial Account Manager specializing in Workers Compensation. Having grown up in the Eugene-Springfield area, she began her insurance career in 1976 for a local State Farm agent. Though she started out in Personal Lines insurance, she eventually made her foray into the Commercial realm as an account manager in 1988. Sue ultimately joined the Ward Insurance family in 2013. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, yoga, and spending time with her partner of 13 years, and her grown son. 

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