Straight forWARD - Volume 5

Ed Barclay


Ed Barclay, Vice President and Partner of Ward Insurance, has been a Producer at the agency for 29 years. Ed is one of the original quintet who purchased the agency in 1989 from founder Jack Ward, along with current producers Steve Ward and Rob Harvey. 

Ed began his career as a paper boy on Country Club Road, the same road on which Ward Insurance’s Eugene branch stands. He grew up in Eugene and attended Lane Community College, before he met Jack Ward and got into the insurance business. Ed has been integral in growing the agency from a ten-employee office to a multi-branch agency that insures businesses in 40 states. He was inducted into the AIDCO Hall of Fame in 2014 to honor the Personal Lines successes Ward Insurance achieved under his guidance. He finds fulfillment in being a client advocate, and in surmounting the challenges of helping clients obtain the right insurance for their unique needs. 

As Ed has said, “Inexpensive insurance is great. But when you've spent your life working hard and accumulating assets, you don't want inexpensive insurance. You want the right insurance to protect your home, cars and personal property. You want someone with the experience - not to simply write a policy, but to write the right policy.”

His dedication to serving his community goes beyond the office. Ed has been extensively involved with charitable organization Relief Nursery for 25 years, including serving on its board in 2002. As the “hand of the Nursery”, Ed worked with the organization to focus on preventing child abuse and neglect, in addition to strengthening families in need. Ed was also President of the Oregon Club in 1994 and President of the Rotary Club of Eugene in 2006, and remains an active member of both organizations to this day. 

When he is not working hard and keeping out of trouble, Ed enjoys spending time with his wife Marta and his son Michael (also a producer at Ward), and exploring the Oregon outdoors. He enjoys traveling and cheering on the Ducks (even when they are having a down year). Ed is always ready with a wry smile, witty repartee, and genuinely warm exchanges; and Ward Insurance is fortunate to have him at the helm as Ward continues to grow into the area’s premier agency. 

New Southern Oregon Office

Ward Insurance has expanded our service team to include several of Southern Oregon's most well-known insurance professionals. Our new satellite office is located at 1575 E McAndrews Road, Suite 100, Medford, OR 97504. Medford Team

Industry Insights

Stairway Compliance

While a stairway is typically thought of as a means of travel, it can also present a potential workplace hazard. As a result, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has established explicit stairway construction and maintenance rules that employers must abide by to keep their employees safe. Read on to learn about the stairway rules our Loss Prevention Team receives the most questions on. Keep Reading


ACA Penalty Letters

The IRS has started issuing letters to employers who are not offering affordable health coverage to full time employees. Under the ACA shared responsibility rule, there are 2 key provisions that can trigger a penalty for employers. 

  1. Full-time employees must be provided health coverage.
  2. That coverage must meet minimum value and affordability parameters, as specified by the law.

Penalty amounts will depend on the year, but the penalty letters can date back to 2015.  Receiving a letter does not necessarily mean that you will have to pay the penalty, but it is important that you submit your documentation within the specified response period.
For instance, your letter may indicate a penalty amount for someone that was part-time for a period or simply missed the enrollment deadline.  These errors can be corrected by resubmitting forms and documentation as a response to the letter.  The forms required by the IRS can be complicated and time consuming to fill out, so it is important to start working on them right away. 
If you have questions about the information requested, please reach out to your Ward Insurance employee benefits team.


SAIF Learning Center

The SAIF Learning Center is a proactive tool for workplace safety and health, risk prevention, and business management.
Agents access the system using your email address as your user name and “safety” as your temporary password. You will not see specific policyholder training records, and CECs will be available in the future. If you have problems with the user name or temporary password, please call us at 503.373.8200, or email
Additional perks

  • It’s accessible. Trainings can be accessed on any computer any time.
  • It’s tailored to our customers’ needs. Each training catalog includes items based on their relevance and necessity to a specific business.
  • It’s a helpful management tool. Automatic tracking helps maintain employee training records, HR requirements, and even allows employers to upload their own policies and procedures.

The training library within the LMS will continue to be updated with SAIF-produced content.
Want to know more? Check out our marketing document for more details, including how to sign up.

Employee Spotlight

Kris Sutherland

Kris 3.jpg

Kris Sutherland is a Commercial Account Manager. She has been in the insurance industry just shy of 40 years. Raised in La Mesa, CA, Kris came to Oregon to study at the University of Oregon where she received her B.A. degree with a minor in Sociology and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.  After graduation Kris began her career working for Reliance Insurance Company in Eugene as a Commercial Lines Rater. Later she became a Commercial Underwriting Account Manager with an IIA and AU certification. Reliance was purchased by Travelers in 2000 where she continued doing Commercial Underwriting as an Account Manager before her move to Ward in September of 2002.
In her spare time Kris enjoys a good book, spending time with her children and grandchildren and going on walks.

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