Keep Your Employees Protected

With Ward Insurance, you get more than workers' compensation coverage; you get an entire workers’ compensation support team helping you with everything from policy review to loss prevention to claims support.

Ward’s Workers’ Compensation Client Services

  • Information: Ward’s agents and specialists continuously monitor industry trends and regulations to be your complete resource ready to answer any questions you have about workers’ compensation.
  • Contact: We schedule periodic client meetings to review carriers, coverage and costs.
  • Education: We provide custom communication materials for your employees explaining your company’s workers’ compensation program and goals.
  • Advocacy: Ward represents you in all situations, with no allegiance to any specific carrier or vendor.
  • Personnel: Ward hires experienced specialists in all areas of workers’ compensation including loss prevention and claims management.

Two Big Extras from Ward Insurance

  • Loss Prevention: Bill Day and his team review facilities and equipment, jobsite practices, safety manuals and any other aspects of your operation that affects workers’ compensation and safety. The goal is to reduce your risk, claims and premiums.
  • Claims Management: Rebecca Wright is Ward’s in-house claims manager working full-time to help you process and settle workers’ compensation claims.

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